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Jonathan Grabert

Lead Organizer

Jonathan first got into games through attending his friendly local game store's board game night.  After attending a weekend gaming event, he saw that there was a larger community wanting to play games.  From this, Board Game Bash was created in 2011.  In the years following, he would organize board game night, D&D night, and Friday Night Magic for the game store, and Role Play Rally and ManaSlam, and partner to start MegaGame Texas.

Outside of gaming, Jonathan is a CPA who worked in information technology and accounting while playing lots of games on nights and weekends.  He has lived in Austin for his entire adult life, and can't imagine being anywhere else.  His favorite candy is Twix, favorite wrestler is Chris Jericho, favorite food is tacos, and is struggling to learn the banjo.  He loves playing Dominion, running adventures with goblins, red/black aggro decks, and singing Kesha at karaoke.