We're looking for some people to help in our organization.

See something interesting?  Contact us at info@playaboveboard.com for more information.  Note that these roles oversee all events that Above Board manages.  For assistance at an individual event, please visit that events' website to sign up.

Outreach Management

The outreach management team involves cultivating relationships with game stores, publishers, and others who might have an interest in our events.  This may include presenting sponsorship opportunities, discussing vendor booths, hosting a private event, or other activity.  If you like forging partnerships and spreading a message, this could be just your team.

Community Engagement

Above Board believes in spreading gaming far and wide, and this team is in charge of our charitable initiatives.  Current projects include

  • creating and running an after-school gaming program
  • facilitating the creation of independent D&D clubs in high schools and universities

New projects would also fall under this role.  If you want to help build things that bring gaming to a larger world, then Community Engagement is for you.

Convention Development

We need someone disciplined and organized to help us at a high level in the organization.  The fact is that there's too much going on for one person to keep up with, and this team is involved in strategic planning and execution of the events directly.  Expansion of our current events, and the introduction of any new conventions fall into this team.  This is perfect for someone who likes managing projects, perfecting their planning, and seeing them done right.

Digital Content

This open-ended position is for someone looking to stretch their creative legs and exercise their technical acumen.  Gaming is hotter than ever, and people want it in more than just their weekends.  Know about live-streaming games?  Want to help make a podcast?  Ever wanted to do develop followers for online videos?  Want to take on a social media project?  Join us to make these happen while also getting to play and talk about games!  If you are looking to head up a digital or online project, but want support, then this is your team.